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a few domains for sale…


My portfolio includes Pre-Nominet’s and TLD’s I registered as early as 1994. If you arrived here from a Whois search, doorway or post, use the contact form to query the domain you’re interested in. If your interest is a domain ask about the transfer of the new .uk domain if I have the .uk right of registration

Please only enquire about a domain that states near it’s root ‘enquire about this domain’ or similar.

I’ve listed a couple of dozen examples below, I’ll rotate them over time… & & & & &
mr internet & miss internet & .uk & & + .uk & & &
SOLD 06/12/17 & & & &
SOLD 27/09/17
sold 09/11/17 & + .uk &

I accept  or bitcoin or any fiat currency for all transactions – there is a degree of trust involved (cleared payment=domain transfer).  Alternatively, I recommend as Escrow. Transpact is FCA Authorised and Regulated that guarantees you receive exactly what you pay for.  If the domain is high value or the transfer requires careful handling I have a UK lawyer to act as Escrow and so forth for a fixed fee.  Confidentiality by way of an NDA Agreement can simply be contracted between myself and the buyer if required. You’ll find I’m negotiable and play fair.

100% of the proceeds from my domain sales supports rainforest protection in Central America

…I don’t publish a list. A search using reverse IP, reverse Whois, wayback, server spies or historical records will not reveal a list either

disguise the limit

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